Saturday, May 15, 2010

Internship ( SAVR units part 2)

hehe.. nk update blog pun susah, rmh xde internet.. heeee.. but dont worry, i can do it. hehe..
opss.. bm la plak.. hehe.. So, i follow SAVR about 1 month..The SAVR are responsible to fix the end connections from the TNB Distribution supply cables to the consumer’s meter. This section basically receives the electrical fixing infrastructure. Basically, this section handles, maintains and repairs the Low Voltage (LV) fixings in the Bachok area so:

1. The supply is stable and safe for use.

2. Preventing supply disruptions and faults on the fixings
3. Maximizes the lifespan of the fixings.

Pgi2 minum teh panas lu dgn akim

Tayar lekak plok dale pasir

tarik kabel sampai puncak tiang. ( kabel jatuh ats jln raya)

Internship ( SAVR Units)

SAVR stand for Sesalur Atas Voltan Rendah. Report to Mr Zulkifli Abdullah. I was assigned to follow Sesalur Atas Voltan Rendah (Low Voltage Overhead Line) team. An overview delivered by technician on the types of overhead cables and fuses ratings, the structure and construction and also the basic components in Low Voltage Overhead Line. I was assigned to follow Low Voltage Overhead Line team within 1 month. The work scopes mostly installations of electrical poles and overhead distributions cables. Besides that, this team responsible to repair and maintain about electric problems.

kerja nk cabut tiang.


Danger (Abe Awi)

Pokok tumbang ats kabel

Rusing blako.. ( from left: pakcik hamid, abe yie n pak Do)

Rajin sungguh bdk nih

siap doh ni.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Internship ( Street Lighting Units)

Huh.. i have got more n more experiences.. Hehe.. This week, i follow street lighting unit. This unit is to make new installation of street lighting. besides that, this geng are required to repair problem about pole lighting that complain by consumer. hehe.. My supervisor is Pn Rukiah. person who that responsible to take charges are Mr Sukri aka Pakcik Yie and the driver's Mr Saberi aka Abe Yie..

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