Saturday, April 17, 2010

Internship ( Week 2)

With Pak Su.. (always make joke)

hehe.. How are u everyone? fine.. hehe.. For second week, i decided to went out with Pusat Pengurusan Bekalan (PPB) team. They go to check about complain report by consumer.. First case, i found the insulated piercing connector (IPC) wires are slack and burned. The IPC wire is tasking to connecting voltage to other area.

Many thing that i dont know about problems that users report. Pakcik2 that worked in PPB are very excellence and full with experience. For second case that i found is internal fault. If the internal fault is happen, that is not relationships with TNB. We are not authorized.

Pakcik Pa, check cut out whether that have voltage or not..

There are many wire/cable type that should know :
1) 1x16 + 25mmp
2)3x16 +25 mmp
3)3x185 + 16 + 120mmp
4)3x35 + 25mmp
5)3x70 +50mmp
6)3x95 + 16 + 70mmp
7)3x95 +70mmp

I will give simple explanation. Look at 1) 1x16 + 25mmp.. 16 mean size of wires, and 25mmp mean size of neutral wire. So, 1x mean that have 1 wire( 1 wire size 16mmp). So, that mean this type of wire contain 2 wire with neutral wire are bigger one..

Ok, second, we look at 3). 3x185 + 16 + 120mmp.. size wire are 185, we look at middle that 16, mean this is refer to public lamp wire. 3 at first mean 3phase, so, we have 3 wire.. In conclude, we can says that, this type of wire have 5 wire with public lamp wire is smallest one.. hehe..
I will give more explanation about this in logbook.. hehe

This are bacis wire. The function of wire i noted at logbook. Another wire that flow a 11kV and 33 kV is calling SASCA.

IPC burned.

Report to PPB office about problem.

wire are not connected because IPC was burned.

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