Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Internship ( week 3)

Salam.. huhu.. This week, I follow metering units. The work scopes were to check meter whether ok or not, install new meter and replace meter. Before “round” to find house, Pakcik Sidi and Abe Min brief me some part of meter and the function of meter. There are two type of meter that 1 phase meter and 3 phase meter. Besides that, meter divided into two; electronic and mechanical meter.


Usually using 60A cut out and 30m fuse. Use one cut out and one fuse. There are 4 wires that connect to Tnb meter. 2 phase wire( 1 from street pole to meter and 1 from meter to db inside house) and 2 neutral wire ( 1 from street pole to meter and 1 from meter to db inside house).


Usually used 100A cut out and 60m Fuse. Use 3 cut out and 3 fuse. For house that used larges load. 3 phase wire that indicate red, yellow and blue. 1 neutral wire color with black.


Used in commercial building or biggest building that used larges of load. That power supply are direct connection from underground cable. All task relation with CT meter will refer to TNB kota bharu. Every day, many meters should install. This meter very cheaper than lct meter. So, tnb responsible to fulfill the customer demand. Hehe..


  1. Assalammualaikum Tuan,
    Maaf, kawan nak tegur sikit untuk pembetulan.
    Dalam ayat tuan di bawah,

    "Usually using 60A cut out and 30m fuse"

    "Usually used 100A cut out and 60m Fuse"

    Ayat yang sebetulnya adalah

    "Usually using 60Amp cut-out and 30/60Amp fuse"
    "Usually used 100Amp cut-out and 60Amp Fuse"

    60/100Amp cut-out, adalah cut-out rating, manakala
    30/60Amp fuse adalah HRC-fuse berkapasiti 30/60A yang akan diletakkan di dalam cut-out


  2. As salam tuan. Boleh nyatakan saiz papan untuk 3phase


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